Is this the official B.S. Johnson website?

No – this site is not endorsed by the estate, family or agent of B.S. Johnson.

What is the purpose of the site?

This website has been set up independently purely as a means of promoting the works and views of B.S. Johnson to a wider audience. When the first edition of the site was originally published in 1996, the vast majority of Johnson’s works were out of print and it was hard to find out anything about the author or his works. The original intention of the website was to provide a central reference point for anyone who wanted to find out more about Johnson.
Since then there has been a mini-renaissance of interest in Johnson, culminating in the publication of Jonathan Coe’s biography in 2004 and Picador’s re-publishing of his key works. I would refer anyone interested in Johnson to Coe’s biography, which is as comprehensive a guide as you are ever likely to find.

Who should I contact re copyright, publishing queries etc

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